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Doctor Daycare Rates & Tuition 


Infant (6wks-12months)                              

1 Year Old (13months-24 months)            

2 Year Old (24months-36months)             

3 Year Old                                                       

4 Year Old                                                         

School Age Drop-In (5-12years old)              Afterschool                                                       

Daycare Drop-In                                              









Coming Soon for current families

Pay your tuition online

The Doctor Daycare Tuition Express system provides an easy way to pay your tuition online. Start by registering. Here's how:


1.Talk to your Center Director to receive your invitation key (email address required).

2.Log into your e-mail to get your personalized invitation.
3.To begin your one-time activation, follow the hyperlink in your invitation e-mail.
4.Once you have a username and password, head over to Tuition Express to log in.

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